Imagine and challenge.
if you could imagine it, you can make it.
  • Web Service
  • Mobile
  • UX / UI / GUI
  • Media S/W
    Interface Design
  • CMS. O&M
  • IP System /
    System Archithcture

We innovate with passion and determination.

In the current business environment, it is necessary to constantly adapt to changes and focus on solving problems in order to create new values.
Tripath Inc. wishes to stay alert at all times to actively find and help solve problems.
Based on passion and commitment, “Imagine and challenge” is Tripath’s mission to take up the challenge of creative innovation.

Tripath Inc. is an IT corporation that creates new values based on its understanding on technology, people and market.

In line with our corporation’s slogan “Imagine and Challenge”,
we want to become a company that continuously challenges new areas and produces results out of them.

We will never forget that the only asset of the corporation is its “people”,
and we will continually strive to create an environment where people can grow and develop.
Thank you.

CEOKim Dong-jun, Jeong Yu-seok

트라이패스는 전략기획, 국내영업 해외사업, 경영지원, SS-Lab 디자인그룹, CG-Lab 개발그룹, 베트남, 태국 해외법인으로 구성되어있습니다.

  • Development and advancement
    of Qsales solution /
    winning contracts and operating services
  • SI business promotion
    and maintenance
  • Development of solution business,
    service operation and overseas commerce business operation


2016 history
2016 10. Developed LG Care GENESTORY
09. Contract to build a make-up digitizing artificial intelligence for LG Care
08. Selected by the Tips Program (technology startup support of private initiated investment type)
– solution that supports the sales of artificial intelligence based on machine learning
08. Obtained patent on the method, server and device to provide online consultation (Patent number 10-1649254)
06. Colon Global Inc. / Contract to supply Qsales and new business solutions
06. Selected as one of the ‘K-Global 300 corporation’ by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
05. Invitation to invest Coolidge Corner investments
2015 history
2015 12. Built the China MCN platform of LG Care and CNP cosmetics
10. Won the best prize in the 3rd Startup Idea exhibition contest hosted by Korea University
10. Entered the North Chungbuk Creative Economic Innovation Center and signed a business agreement
09. Delivered online sales solution using ADT CAPS/ Qsales
08. Developed Lotte Human Resource Development Institute site
05. Creation of the homepage of Pico Island, a kids’ theme park by BMW Korea and Germany Motors Inc.
03. Advancing the priority project to develop an accessory that uses the NFC of Samsung Electronics
01. Opening of the company’s own service Qsales close beta
2014 history
2014 12. Selected as a mentor corporation for the EV Care Venture Incubating Business
10. Establishment of the corporate research institute of Tripath Co., Ltd.
04. Beginning the development of enterprise Qsales
03. Setting up a commercialization service for IMH wallet smart balance
01. Acquisition of patent for online content sharing service providing server, provision methods and the recording medium for the method (Patent number 10-1350712)
2013 history
2013 12. Launching of the company’s own service, Qadvice beta test
11. Acquisition of venture corporation accreditation from Korea Venture Capital Association
04. Execution of investment by Korea Venture Investment Co., Ltd.
2012 history
2012 10. Patent application of online content sharing business model
08. Opening of the company’s Wondercube service
2011 history
2011 01. Establishment of Tripath Co., Ltd. and start of the development of the company’s own Wondercube service

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5 minute walking distance from 지하철 1호선 Doksan Station exit number 2, from line 1, towards Gasan Digital Complex Station